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Atteva Review: Jef Welch Returns With Hemp Oil & Weight Loss

Atteva is a nutritional supplement and weight reduction MLM company that began in July 2020.

It is based in California, according to Atteva. However, the supplied corporate address appears to be shared with several unrelated organizations.

I’m not sure what the narrative is.

CEO Jef Welch is in charge of Atteva (right).

Welch initially emerged on BehindMLM as part of a feud between Sisel and Neways over recruiting.

BehindMLM documented the feud as part of our 2012 Sisel assessment.

The quarrel ended up in court. A federal court in Utah ruled in 2008 that.

Welch reappeared in March 2018 as CGI Limited’s chief financial officer.

Welch was accepting cash for CGI Limited from a personal bank account.
The monies were being sought as part of a fraudulent crypto token betting operation.

CGI Limited was renamed CGI Global and then Magellan International Alliances later that year.

Welch was named CEO of the business in August 2018.

Magellan International Alliances was a securities fraud Ponzi scam.

Welch, spread out and seemed unconcerned about anything, released a fifteen-minute video on Facebook the day before Magellan International went bankrupt.

“Are you a dysfunctional wimp who doesn’t accept responsibility for your own foolish decisions?” Welch questioned in the description over the video.

The total amount of money lost by Magellan International investors is unclear.
Neither Welch nor anybody else associated with Magellan International has been held accountable yet.

Continue reading for an in-depth look at Atteva’s multilevel marketing potential.

Atteva’s Compensation Plan -:

Atteva’s compensation model pays out on both retail and affiliate-recruited orders.

A binary team distributes residual commissions.
There are also many incentives dependent on sales volume.

Atteva Affiliate Ranks -:

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria:

Sign up as an Atteva affiliate Brand Partner and produce and maintain 80 PV each month while recruiting two more affiliates to do the same (placed on each side of your binary team)

Super Affiliate – have a total downline of eight Brand Partners or above and recruit at least four Brand Partners (at least one on each side of the binary team) (outside of personal recruitment requirements)

Executive – have a total downline of eight Super Affiliates or above, and recruit and keep four Super Affiliates (at least one on both sides of the binary team) (outside of personal recruitment requirements)

Senior Executive – have a total downline of at least four Executives and four Super Affiliates or higher, and recruit and keep two Executives and two Super Affiliates or higher (at least one of each on both sides of the binary team) (outside of personal recruitment requirements)

Recruit and retain two Executives and two Senior Executives or above as Diamond Executives (maintain at least one Senior Executive on both sides of the binary team)

Joining Atteva -:

Affiliate membership with Atteva is $29 per year.

When affiliates sign up, they have the option of purchasing a promotional package.

Promotional packages include a variety of Atteva items and range in price from $10 to $799.

There is no financial incentive to signing up for an Atteva promotional bundle other than saving money over buying the goods separately.

Conclusion -:

Jef Welch undoubtedly has a lot of baggage. That said, what went down with Magellan International is between Welch, his victims, and any regulators that looked into it. I’m not aware of any regulatory investigation into Magellan International. By all appearances, Welch got away with it and has shown no sign of remorse. The excellent news is Atteva isn’t a continuation of the fraud started with CGI Limited. Instead, it’s a much more traditional MLM offering. I see with Atteva that although retail sales are incentivized, they’re not required. I can sign up as an Atteva affiliate, maintain a monthly order, and get paid to recruit others who do the same. In this respect, Atteva’s retail commissions and incentives appear to be an afterthought rather than the centerpiece of the incentive scheme.

I’d say the five-level deep residual retail commission was more than the typical single-level retail commission. On the other hand, charging a $29 yearly fee to favored consumers is a retail disincentive. Preferred clients join up for a discount, so they don’t have to pay a charge. Requiring each affiliate to create and maintain 80 PV in monthly retail volume would be a straightforward approach to refocus Atteva on retail sales.


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