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The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

Belgian Authorities Took Down The Vitae Ponzi Scam

Belgian authorities have closed down the Vitae token Ponzi plot.

Vitae Token dispatched as Vitae Coin back in mid-2018. It was immediately renamed Vitae Token and advanced as a feature of an informal community.

That idea tumbled, inciting organizer Michael Weber to add a Ponzi conspire.

Vitae Downpour Visit was an independent talk stage, reported after Strife shut down Vitae’s true correspondence channels.

Vitae Rain Chat was an ad credit Ponzi conspire. Members paid $14.99 every month for access and bought ad credit positions for $25.

Vitae Rain affiliate participation supported a fraudulent business model.

Vitae Rain ad credit positions paid a return, supported by the resulting venture.

Vitae token has been freely tradeable on dodgy trades since September 2018.

After the required introductory siphon to simply more than $3, the Vitae token unloaded to around 60 pennies.

From January 2020 Vitae token moved to $1. it floated there until Vitae Downpour’s dispatch in August.

The presentation of the Vitae Downpour Ponzi plot saw Vitae token siphon to simply more than $12 in November 2020.

The unavoidable dump followed, with Vitae token’s worth moving generally descending since.

At this moment Vitae token is sitting at 33 pennies.

Very little is thought about the Belgian examination concerning Vitae, other than it is criminal.

As indicated by his Twitter profile, Vitae’s originator Michael Weber (right) is based out of Colorado in the US.

The solitary Vitae association with Europe I had the option to discover was Vitae Token’s true Facebook page is overseen from the Netherlands.

Despite passing by Michael Weber for quite a long time, Weber is currently passing by “Michael Bradley” on Twitter and YouTube.

Weber was a top worker in the BitConnect Ponzi plot. Weber dispatched Vitae token a couple of months after BitConnect imploded in January 2018.

The SEC as of late pursued a few top BitConnect advertisers in the US. Weber was not a named respondent.

What occurs next is hazy. Weber’s last Twitter post is dated June nineteenth, three days before the Belgian seizure.

As the organizer of Vitae, Weber is presently reserved to talk at a North American Blockchain Exhibition occasion in September.

Vitae Token deserted Facebook in December 2019. The keep going post on the authority Vitae Token Twitter page is dated April ninth.

Forthcoming an update from Belgian authorities (or some other law authorization or controller) stay tuned.


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