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Herbalife Nutrition And Proctive Sport Debut New Elite Training Facility

Leading Global Nutrition Company Herbalife Nutrition, Along With Proactive Sports Performance Have Opened A New $ 8 Million Elite Training Facility, “Proactive Powered By Herbalife Nutrition,” Located In Westlake Village, California.
The 17,000-Square-Foot Multi-Sport Training Center Provides A Personalized, High-Tech Experience For Athletes, Including Access To Fitness, Sports Rehab, Personalized Nutrition Management, And The Herbalife24 Athletic Performance Testing Lab.

Proactive Powered By Herbalife Nutrition

The Center Will Serve A Wide Variety Of Professional Athletes In Numerous Sports Disciplines, Including Talents From The NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, Winter Sports (I.E., Hockey And Skiing), As Well As College And High School Athletes Seeking To Reach To The Next Level Of Your Sport.
Data-Driven Workouts, Backed By On-Site Advanced Technology Equipment And On-Site Team Of Athletic Performance Experts, Will Help Athletes Track Improvement, Compare Metrics, And Set Performance Benchmarks. , Which Will Allow Them To Continue Improving And Evolving Their Skills.
The Elite Training Center Features A Proactive Performance Zone, Speed Lab, Therapy And Recovery Center, Herbalife24 Service Station, And Herbalife24 Sports Performance Lab.

To Ensure On-Site Athletes Have Access To The Proper Nutrition To Boost Their Training Before, During Or After Training, Herbalife24’S Fueling Station, Overseen By Sports Dietitians And A Chef, Will Provide Personalized Meals, Snacks And Beverages. Made-To-Order, As Well As Access To The Company’s Herbalife24® Line Of Sports Nutrition Certified For Sports.

Notable Equipment And Technology In The Facility

The Facility Has:

Altitude Chamber – Simulates Elevations Of Up To 14,000 Feet For Training Athletes To Perform In High-Altitude Climates With Lower Oxygen Levels. The Chamber, Which Is One Of Three Installed In The US, Is Equipped With A Variety Of Premium Conditioning Tools, Including A Gravity-Reducing Boost One Treadmill To Improve Conditioning And Preserve Joint Health.

BioDex System 4 Pro – Measures Limb And Muscle Strength For More Accurate And Effective Training And Rehabilitation Programs.

BOD POD Body Composition Analysis Chamber: Determine The Weight And Volume Of Athletes To Determine Body Density And Calculate The Percentage Of Body Fat.

HP Cosmos Gaitway Treadmill – Combines Synchronized Analysis Of 3D Ground Forces And Pressure Distribution, Allowing For Maximum Precision In Gait And Run Analysis. This Facility Is One Of Two In The Entire Country.

Professional-Size Basketball Court With Force Plate Technology On The Ground: Captures The Position Of The Ball 30 Times Per Second With High-Speed Cameras That, Through Noahlytics Data Service, Analyze The Trajectory And Position Of The Ball Within The Rim, Helping Players Accurately Track Their Shots From Anywhere On The Court, And Providing Insight Into The Precise Adjustments That Need To Be Made To Obtain Better Shooting Percentages.

Springbok Analytics – Transforms MRI Images Into Detailed 3D Muscle Analysis To Identify Poor Muscle Volume And Muscle Asymmetries That Can Lead To Potential Injury Risks Or Decreased Performance.

After Almost 10 Years With Herbalife Nutrition As The Exclusive Partner In Nutrition, This New Center Offers A Greater Level Of Integration. As The Proactive Brand Has Been The Off-Season Home To Many Successful And Professional Athletes, The New Fully-Equipped Performance Center Allows Experts In Training, Conditioning, Sports Nutrition, And Rehabilitation To Cater To Athletes Of All Skill Levels, As Well As Clients Looking For Goal-Oriented Personalized Fitness Training.


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