The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

Kalaia Is Empowering Women All Around The World One Face At A Time

Interview with Gaya Samarasingha, CEO and organizer of Kalaia Skincare. Gaya shares what makes Kalaia so extraordinary and broadly expounds on their regular item fixings, the effortlessness of the skincare standard, the moderateness of the items, and their reference and giveback programs that enable ladies around the world.

Choosing to focus on your healthy skin routine can be a beautiful overwhelming undertaking with in a real sense a huge number of skin health management brands in the market today. How could we pick the right one for us? As though exploring through the horde of organizations wasn’t adequately hard, this is the ideal opportunity to discover an organization that utilizes sound and regular elements for your skin without trading off outcomes.

We checked the criticism of thousands of ladies the nation over and asked them an assortment of inquiries including which organization they thought has the best fixings, which organization had the best outcomes, and what was generally imperative to them when they did Picking an item was a normal healthy skin standard and the outcomes prompted one organization specifically … Kalaia.

In addition to the fact that Kalaia uses regular and sound elements for your skin and accomplish extraordinary outcomes for their customers, Kalaia additionally positions amazingly high because of the effortlessness of their skincare schedule, which makes it incredibly simple to follow the routine without utilizing many various items to contrast with industry pioneers. So as opposed to proceeding to educate you concerning Kalaia, I welcomed Chief and originator Gaya Samarasingha for a meeting to disclose to you about it!

Gaya thanks for agreeing to sit down with us today, how are you?

” I’m doing fine. Much obliged for the greeting”!

What urged you to start Kalaia?

“I battled for fairness since the beginning. After working in the direct selling industry for a long time, I discovered my enthusiasm in engaging ladies to become effective business visionaries and a stage on which to affect. My vision is to make a future where our girls and granddaughters have similar freedoms and assets to understand their fantasies as our children and grandkids. Through Kalaia, everybody, paying little heed to their experience, instruction, and abilities, is offered the chance to try sincerely and accomplish the existence they long for through an independent venture. We are additionally extending our main goal through the Kalaia Cares Miniature loan Program “.

Why skincare?

“After moving to the US, I battled with grown-up skin inflammation, skin staining, and a few indications of maturing. Regardless of how much cash I’ve spent on skincare management, I haven’t had the option to tackle these issues. As another mother who returned to work a month and a half after my little girl was conceived, self-care was one of the main things I checked off my rundown. I just couldn’t figure out an ideal opportunity for a muddled 8-venture skincare schedule. It was additionally a period in my life when I turned out to be more mindful of the harmful fixings in magnificence items and attempted to return to utilizing normal fixings that I grew up within Sri Lanka. These individual difficulties and requirements drove me to make a Spotless, Straightforward, and Powerful skincare line since I realized I was in good company. ”

What foundation experience do you have in this industry to add to the success of the Kalaia brand?

” I have more than 10 years of involvement with the direct selling industry working with youthful organizations in their hypergrowth stage to set up, multi-billion dollar worldwide brands. More often than not I’ve spent moving US-based organizations to different nations where I’ve launched and overseen worldwide business sectors on five continents. During my time in the corporate world, I have worked with wellbeing and health items, organic oils, and an assortment of excellent items. Albeit this is my first enterprising outing, I grew up affected by an entrepreneur mother who has manufactured numerous organizations in Sri Lanka. ”

What sort of items does Kalaia offer?

“We offer a spotless, straightforward and viable line of skincare items made with remarkable regular fixings from around the world. Our core program comprises 4 items (a cleansing bar, peeling powder, serum, and a moisturizing cream). Clients can add two extra treatment items (eye cream and facial) depending upon their skin needs. ”

Who might profit most from utilizing your items?

“The magnificence of our line of items is that everybody, including men and kids, can utilize the items and get unfathomable outcomes. Be that as it may, I planned this line explicitly for occupied ladies. Ladies searching for a lot simpler approach to focus on their skin without settling on outcomes or the nature of the fixings. ”

What makes Kalaia unique concerning a large number of other skincare brands out there today?

” We offer our clients a spotless, straightforward, and compelling routine that finds a way into their bustling way of life. Clients who have utilized 8-10 stage skincare management programs improve results with our 4 core items. Fewer items and fewer advances mean less time and cash for skincare. ”

Where do your items come from and what sort of fixings do they utilize?

” Our exceptional regular fixings come from everywhere the world, however, our items are made here in the USA. These fixings have been utilized in Ayurvedic medication, day-by-day sustenance, and skin health management customs for millennia. We have consolidated these normal fixings with present-day technology and delivery systems to make a basic line of items that address the issues of the present buyer. ”

What does the normal purchaser say in the wake of utilizing your item, what are the advantages?

“Shining, health skin! My way of thinking of healthy skin is to improve skin wellbeing and prosperity with perfect, normal fixings and leave the rest to your body. Along these lines, our clients see that a wide assortment of skin issues can be improved with one basic treatment, paying little heed to age, sex, and skin type. Seeing your skin changes and hearing what this has meant for your certainty and different parts of life were perhaps the most remunerating portions of this excursion. ”

Does Kalaia have a membership program or reference program that permits anybody to share your items and be rewarded for them?

“Indeed, we’re doing that. We have two projects.

Our unwavering clients can participate in our referral program, where they give their companions a 10% limit and make 10% Kalaia Money on all reference orders. They can utilize these award focuses to purchase their items.

Be that as it may, if somebody needs to work with us to share the items they love and make some additional pay, they can turn into a Kalaia brand accomplice. In addition to the fact that they get 20% off their buys and numerous different advantages, however, they additionally get 20-28% commission on all that they sell. For instance, a marked accomplice can make in any event $ 420 every month by basically adding 10 clients to our program. They likewise acquire commissions for their clients’ repeat orders. ”

You additionally have an offer back program, tell me regarding it

” Indeed, we are growing our central goal to enable women entrepreneurs through the Kalaia Cares Micro Loan Program. 1% of each dollar went through with Kalaia is put resources into female organizations through a miniature credit program. We are glad to band together with to arrive at these business visionaries and give them the monetary assets they might not have through their networks. As of May 2021, we have subsidized 43 women-owned companies in 23 unique nations. The excellence of this program is that when these advances are taken care of, we reinvest the cash so one dollar can essentially affect numerous lives throughout the planet throughout the long term. ”

Where would consumers be able to discover your items when they need to give them a shot or keep awake to date on news content?

” Our items can right now be sent anyplace in the US and Australia. Anybody can go to our site and request the items. We offer a 30-day unconditional promise so new clients can attempt the items and experience the distinction without risk.


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