The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

Marilou Pedretti From France Achieves Gold President Rank At PM-International

Marilou Pedretti from France has achieved a Gold President Rank at PM-International. She started her career 5 years back when she was 28 years old. She wanted freedom and wasn’t satisfied with her ongoing jobs in the beauty industry and restaurant.

She says her biggest dream is to empower the women around the globe, travel and help them travel. After joining this industry she filed for a divorce. According to Marilou, Divorcing was necessary because her ex-husband had left the household but left her with immense debts that I was able to pay in full thanks to my constant hard, dedicated and passionate work in the industry.

Pedretti said, “After two years working in the Network Marketing Business, in March 2018, I was exploring all my options and decided to follow my heart and my instincts, that were telling me to start my journey with PM international.”

Results of this tremendous hardwork :

• In June 2020, with her incredible team, she exceeded $800,000 in sales.

• Placed 31st position in the world, in a company making 1.1 billion euros, seemed to me something that would be from nowhere near impossible.

• In 2 years at PM she have being exploring 4 continents, and more than 15 countries. In 2019, 80% of her time was spent traveling.

• Today more than 80% of the team is female and hundreds of lives are changed for the best.

Marilou Pedretti proves that If your dreams are bigger than all your fears, and, thanked the members of her team for being so passionate and determined along with kind and courageous leaders. She believes because of this they have been record breakers.

About PM-International AG

PM-International AG is one of Europe’s largest direct marketing companies in the areas of health, wellness, and beauty, based in Schengen, Luxembourg. a total turnover of 632 million US-Dollars, was registered by the corporate group back in 2017 corresponding to an increase of 37.2 % compared to the previous year.

PM-International AG was founded in 1993. It develops, produces and markets high-quality, premium dietary supplements and cosmetics through its own brand FitLine® – many of which have a patented technology.

The Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC®) represents the company’s core competency:

It Delivers the nutrients exactly when they are needed and where they are needed – to the cellular level, from inside and out. To guarantee continuous high product quality, the products are regularly and independently tested by TÜV SÜD ELAB.

PM-International also offers a consumer- company transparency. End customers can review the analyses directly on the TÜV SÜD ELAB website, by scanning the QR code on the product packaging. No other competitor offers this level of transparency.

More than 400 million FitLine® products have been sold worldwide. Many customers, including several top athletes, regularly make use of FitLine® products.

The corporate PM-International group is the official supplier of numerous large sports associations, such as the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB), the German Ski Association (DSV), and the Austrian Sports Aid (ÖSH).


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