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Michael Weber MIA Is One Of Two Vitae Executives That Have Been Detained

Following on from our inclusion of Belgian specialists closing down Vitae recently, two captured suspects have now been affirmed.

For more, we go to a June 24th report from De Tijd.

Specifically noteworthy in De Tijd’s report is a reference to Michael Weber;

De Tijd’s report seems to affirm separate intel I got, recognizing those captured as Fellow Meeuwis, Mendy Zicherman, Shrage Posen (right), Kobe Bické and Tom Lauwerysen.

Note that other than Zicherman and Posen, different names above are unverified.

Given De Tijd’s article is in Dutch, I take it “cash bank” is an awful interpretation of “tax criminal”.

Mendy Zicherman is Vitae’s Main Business Official:

The five captured suspects have been accused of being individuals from a criminal association, extortion and tax evasion.

Other fascinating goodies uncovered in De Tijd’s article include:

• Vitae was gone through Vitae AG, a shell organization fused in Switzerland through a PO Box;

• seven properties were attacked on Tuesday across Antwerp, East and West Flanders and Limburg;

• Belgian specialists worked with Swiss specialists to lead strikes attached to Vitae AG;

• the Belgian examination was left hidden so that Vitae’s leaders and top advertisers couldn’t cash out before the captures and seizures;

• 37% of Vitae tokens have been seized;

• 1.1 million EUR has been seized;

• 1.5 million in digital money has been seized; and

• seven extravagance vehicles, “a scope of extravagance watches” and gold has additionally been seized.

Belgian specialists have fixed Vitae’s casualties at around 223,000. Together their misfortunes are accepted to run into the several million.

Vitae’s author and CEO Michael Weber, otherwise known as Michael Bradley, is accepted to be an inhabitant of Colorado Springs, Colorado in the US.

Weber’s last Twitter post was retweet on June 19th. His present status and whereabouts stay obscure.


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