The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

MyDailyChoice Acquires Well Beyond

Well Beyond is combining with MyDailyChoice, according to MyDailyChoice CEO Josh Zwagil and Well Beyond CEO Jeremy Reynolds. MyDailyChoice, a Network Marketing company situated in Nevada, has been named one of the fastest-growing companies in the Direct Sales market, with year-over-year growth.

With its branded healthy chocolate products, Well Beyond, a Utah-based Network marketing company has been a leader for over a decade. With its database of hundreds of thousands of Members and Customers, Well Beyond has grown steadily since 2005.

• Beyond™ Healthy Chocolate®
• Beyond™ Dark Chocolate Shake
• Xe TRM™ Energy Drink
• Beyond™ Nutritionals

“We’ve looked at a lot of items and firms that are searching for a relationship in the industry. I knew the Well Beyond healthy chocolate products were the best in the business when I tried them. There was just one issue. MyDailyChoice didn’t have it yet,” says the author.

According to Josh Zwagil.

Well Beyond members can now purchase the same products they enjoy regularly, as well as any of the MDC products in the house of brands:

• Daily Sprays
• HempWorx
• Mantra
• High Life Travel
• Akashx
• Hemp Momma

By November 1st, 2021, Well Beyond items will be available through MyDailyChoice.

Josh Zwagil and Jeremy Reynolds’ formal launch announcement may be found here:

According to Jeremy Reynolds,

“MyDailyChoice is a perfect match for Well Beyond and our extended family. For our Members, this was the best move we could have made. We’re thrilled to be able to introduce our Healthy Chocolate® and other goods to the MDC network of Affiliates and Customers all around the world.

About MyDailyChoice

MyDailyChoice, Inc., situated in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the global leader in CBD products, essential oils, vacation offers, and wellness and performance items. MyDailyChoice is a recognized pioneer in the Direct Selling Industry, with thousands of active Affiliates worldwide and five distinct products – HempWorx, Mantra Essential Oils, High Life Travel, Daily Sprays, and Akashx.

MyDailyChoice aims to give families the tools they need to be physically and financially healthy. MyDailyChoice’s unwavering commitment to innovation ensures that customers and Affiliates receive the greatest quality and most recent wellness product advances, promoting holistic lifestyles and the entrepreneurial spirit.


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