The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

Welcome to the most comprehensive, powerful and easy to use services platform…

Advertisement and Listing

MLM EYE offers several unique opportunities and an effective way to globally advertise your Direct Selling Products and Services so that you can promote your Opportunity, or You are using several advertising options such as.

* Company Profile Listing
* People Profile Listing (Professional, Promotors, Networkers, and Leaders)
* Service Provider Listing
* Software & ERP Providers Listing
* Product Provider Listing
* Direct Selling Association Listing

Company Profile Listing
Any Direct Selling Company and Entities Can List their Business Profile to Promote their Business globally to connect those who are interested in the industry and creating valuable prospecting. We provide high-quality coverage and brand visibility for your opportunities among prospects.
People Profile Listing
Professionals, Networkers, Leaders, and related peoples who are associated with industry can list their Profile, it helps to grow globally and creates interesting prospecting and new joining to develop your valuable team network and develop your brand visibility in the International Direct Selling Community.
Services Provider Listing
Listing on MLM EYE would be an effective way to globally advertise your Direct Selling Service business that will help you to connect and associate with so many Direct Selling Companies and Entities. High-quality leads can produce exponential profits and sales with Direct Selling Companies.
Software Provider Listing
Software & ERP Providers can associate with us and our team of expert advisors will help you to connect with millions of in-market software buyers. We can even sync the high-quality leads right into your CRM with our all-encompassing suite of marketing services.
Product Provider Listing
We have such innovative platforms to be seen, shared, and widely consumed by Direct Selling Members so all types of Bulk Products Suppliers in the industry have a good opportunity to produce exponential profits and sales with Direct Selling Companies.
Direct Selling Association Listing
Direct Selling Association can associate with us, we are providing a good community along with Direct Selling Industry. List on MLMEYE is an effective way to globally advertise that will help you to connect with so many Direct Selling Companies and Entities.
Promotion and Lead Generation

Our tools and services for promotional activities are especially useful to generate leads within all regional languages globally and incredibly supportive to get 10X growth in the Direct Selling Industry by reducing your effort and time.

Bulk SMS
SMS Service is incredibly supportive to maintain your transactional and promotional updates, information, and activities with your user, subscribers, team, and network members into 100% delivery in all regional languages.
Bulk Email
Bulk Email is extremely useful for your Direct Selling industry updates such as your events, product launching, useful information, and promotional activities to your users, subscribers, team, and network members.
WhatsApp Campaigning
WhatsApp is a powerful tool to give unlimited updates, Text, and Media kit (Images, Audio, Videos, Documents) and all promotional activities to your users, team, and network members within all regional languages.
Telegram Campaigning
Promote your Channel or Group and give unlimited updates, Text, and Media kit (Images, Audio, Videos, Documents, and Links) and all promotional activities within all regional languages to your users, team, and network members.
Google 1st Page Rank Index
Our tools and services give you organic Google Page 1 Ranking to your website within your Direct Selling Opportunity and develop your Search Engine visibility to reach 100% new prospecting who are interested in your opportunity and services.
Virtual Assistant
A Virtual Assistant is extremely useful for you to get 10X growth in the Direct Selling Industry by reducing your effort and time virtually such as social media management, conversation, shortlist prospecting, and reporting you continuously.
Social Media Promotion

Our support system can be an intimidating tool for you to grow your brand visibility, awareness, relationships, and market your business to engage with tremendous Professionals, Promoters, Leaders, Networkers, by using so many social media platforms such as. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, and Blog Promotion, etc.

Facebook Promotion
MLMEYE is socially connected with the 1.7 million Facebook communities. It helps to engage with tremendous Leaders and is extremely helpful to grow a network.
YouTube Promotion
The video presentation content is extremely easy for viewers to consume and share also it can be an intimidating tool for brands. We will walk through each step of marketing on YouTube.
Instagram Promotion
Creating an online presence for your business on Instagram marketing can mean different things and get new leads. Establish you’re brand as an Industry Leader.
LinkedIn Promotion
LinkedIn can market to potential customers and partners by posting engaging content. Build brand awareness and relationships with consumers.
Twitter Promotion
Use Twitter to market your business to engage with your overall social media promotion. We create strategic planning to find marketing success on Twitter.
Quora Promotion

Our team promotes your business on Quora as long as advertisers are already seeing success with the new format through leadership pieces by a company founder; it results in millions of views on their answers.

Reddit Promotion

Reddit Promotion is a great content Promotion strategy because content goes viral easily. Our support system helps you to grow your brand visibility by using so many social media platforms.

Pinterest Promotion

We’ll give step-by-step guides on how to advertise on Pinterest. Plus, we’ve assembled the most Pin-worthy ad tips along with Pinterest ad Advertisers are already seeing success with the new business format.

Blog Promotion
If you want your work to be seen, shared, and widely consumed then Blog Promotion is important. You must use blog promotion to promote your content so you can create valuable, high-quality content for your blog and assume readers will find their way to your site to consume it.
Branding and Digital Marketing

Our Digital marketing team will showcase your business plan and services which is a highly effective tool in promotional activity so you must strategize for Branding to succeed in your project, business opportunity, or market yourself and to reach maximum prospects globally.

Translate your perfect business plan into a presentation that helps your dream jump into reality. MLM EYE gives you a way to create presentations that showcase your business plan.
VIDEOS (2D & 3D)
You must plan and strategies to add animated 2D or 3D video presentation within High Definition, Good Voice Over into your business plan in Hindi and English Both which is an amazingly effective tool in promotional activities.
Profile Website
We create a Personal Blog or Micro Website or Profile Website which is one of the most powerful effective tools to display your business plan, business opportunity, or market yourself and to reach maximum prospects globally.
Lead Generation Website

We create informative blogs to generate inbound links to your site that improve your brand’s visibility to ensure every generated lead converts into sales.

Storytelling is the most effective tool to describe your achievements or goals in the Direct Selling Industry which is extremely helpful to connect with new commerce who want to take the start or looking for new and good opportunities.
Content Writing

We are experts in writing attractive content that can elaborate your business nature which is important to convert lead into business. Our guide gives you some fresh ideas to convert your business idea into beautiful and attractive words.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
We are experts in SEO which is worth your time and drives inbound organic traffic that could grow your Direct Selling business for years to rank on the Google Page 1 Ranking with the help of Direct Selling Industry Keywords and Tags.
SMO (Social Media Optimisation)
SMO involves finding out content that performs well for your business opportunity on social media platforms and is extremely helpful to connect with active users of Direct Selling who are interested or want to join the Direct Selling Industry.
Google and Bing Ad
We help you to advertise on the 1st page of Google or Bing with the help of PPC or CPC, using this process you will be on the top of the 1st page of Google or Bing.
Software & IT Solution

Our Technical team builds the best ERP & CRM software according to your requirement with all services on a single platform. Stunning Software is always the first element noticed by prospective and existing customers.

Application Design and Development
Application services have become an important alternative to owning the software, especially for Direct Selling Industries with limited budgets.
Software Design and Development
MLMEYE Software can easily handle the website and marketing requirements from a single platform such as Order Management, Sales reports, Payment Processing at one place.
Graphic Designing
Stunning graphics have always been among the first elements noticed by prospective and existing customers while associating themselves with a brand, whether online or offline.
Hosting, Domain, and SSL
With all services, we guiding you to choose the right Domain, Hosting, and SSL services provider which are so important to build and promote your branding and security.
Payment Gateway
MLMEYE is here to guide you to choose the best Domestic and International payment gateway with 100+ payment options for your customer.
MLMEYE development team has experience working. The right kind of shipping gateways allows e-commerce sites to increase revenue by simplifying the purchasing process for customers.
SMS Integration

Access SMS Integration with sample codes in many languages including Java, PHP, .NET and more, Increase sales and customer satisfaction with automate triggering and sending or receiving SMS, instant OTPs, Notification, two-way interactions and other Bulk SMS Services.

API Documentation
API’s documentation is the primary resource for explaining what is possible with your API and how to get started. Your documentation must completely describe the API’s functionality, be accurate, educational, and Good & simple API documentation should remain useful when that developer is deep into their work.
E-commerce Integration

The API is accessed over HTTPS protocol and is available for authenticated users only which makes it easier to test and implement to integrate with many individual shopping platforms, including industry leaders like Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, Big commerce, Open-Cart, and others.

Business Consultancy

We provide resources for Direct Selling Consulting Services in one place which is helpful to enhance their business opportunity and our focus is on giving the client precise and correct advice for longevity for your business development according to the Direct Selling Industry.

Opportunity and Plan Consultancy

Our Business plan consultancy will help you refine your ideas and strategies, and mold them into a viable business. We can help you optimize your strategy and create a clear and compelling business plan to articulate your vision. We help crystalize your long-term competitive differentiation, identify target markets, and plan for business scalability.

Portfolio & Blue Print Management
Project Portfolio and Blueprint management will give you the tools and templates to help you make your case and win the buy-in of portfolio owners. Our methodology is supported with industry-leading frameworks, best practices, and our insider research. Blueprint takes you through a series of steps to translate the process goals into a high-level process description.
Executive Recruitment Consultancy
Executive placement By understanding the demands of our clients’ businesses, covers all senior management including CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Generalists, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations professionals unrivalled position in Direct Selling executive placement. We never publicise jobs but approach suitable individuals and valued candidates.
Incentive/Recognition Consultants
We learn your business Incentive and recognition management form inside and out. We place those strategies and tools–and plans for using them and diagnose the problems they face and the solutions they need and use experience into creating strategies and tools that will help consistently grow your business.
International Market Consultants
Our international marketing global consultants team work closely with the global market and possess lucrative opportunities for new and established brands to develop international marketing strategy and help in Identify, Evaluate, product portfolio, pricing strategies, Sales strategies and Design international marketing organization structure.
International Sourcing Consultants
We specialize in helping International Sourcing Consulting into your competitive strategies to boost efficiencies and increase earnings and focuses on total cost management, Guarantees results and margin enhancement, Identifies and Builds cross-functional teams, Transforms supplier relationships into alliances.
Management Consultants

Our Management consultants help organizations solve problems, Understanding of business environments and commercial awareness, improve business performance, Good interpersonal, create value and maximize growth, identify solutions for business troubles and make suggestions for changes to implement.

Marketing / Branding Consultants

Our focus will always be on the power of design to connect people with brands in meaningful ways. We’re a dedicated team of writers, designers, developers, strategists and account specialists who have experience in the Direct Selling Industry that help companies establish their Brand Visibility globally and elevate their opportunity.

New Media Consultants

It’s a new kind of business development strategy to help direct sales companies. Our commitment to see the industry and its progress drives companies uncover unique, innovative approaches and helps shape passion, understanding and appreciation for the direct sales model that brings together a unique combination of industry experience and innovation to direct sales companies.

Tax Consultants

Our core expertise lies in Service Tax, Income Tax and Sales Tax. You can always seek our services for Advisory, consultancy and opinions regarding taxing matters. Besides, we are one of the most reputed companies dealing in taxation Services. New Registrations, Amendments, Cancellations, Claim put ups, Case hearings, Case attendance and Legal opinions, and drafting.

Training Consultants
Contact the world class Training team to address your current corporate training and development challenges today. Our expert training consultants understand the demands of the Direct Selling Industry environment and are ready to demonstrate a solution that will dramatically increase sales and productivity.
Consult Business Tools
The role of a business consultant becomes very important for a company’s growth and it helps a company to make policy framework and corporate strategy. A consultant’s advice can make or break an organization. It is very necessary to have knowledge about our own and competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to be relevant in this tough competition and earn higher profit margins.

MLMEYE guides client companies for legal checks, measures, and executes your business model with all the possible legal issues that are set to govern the Direct Selling Industry and helps you to make legal strategies for your business within the entire regulatory framework.

Registration and Incorporation
Around the world, we provide legal services, such as company registration, incorporation (INC) Registration, Limited Registration, Private Limited Registration, LLP Registration, Partnership Registration, etc., to clients as separate legal entities and carry-on business as independent and autonomous entities.
Patent and Trademark
You can be sure we have experts at managing global Patent or trademark and design enforcement, including opposition proceedings, infringement, invalidation, and cancellations, dilution, passing off, anti-counterfeiting, parallel import, and trans-shipping programs across multiple regions.
Online Copyright Registration consultants give the owner of the work a certain safeguard to ensure the intellectual work is protected and creativity is rewarded. It is a bundle of rights including, inter alia, rights of reproduction, communication to the public, adaptation, and translation of the work.
Conventions / Meetings / Event Production

For Direct Selling Companies around the world, we are providing world-class conventions / Meeting / Events services for responsive client support by creative design work, and innovative turnkey event marketing solutions. We are also experts in E-conventions.

Meeting Planners
Our Meeting Planner Management team supports your events and focuses on saving your time, money and freeing you up to focus on bigger and better things. We take a holistic approach, and Our global team is ready to support and execute a lot of Meeting Trainings.
Production Services
We are technical and creative, representing multiple disciplines such as graphic design, motion graphics / animation, video, and staging design/engineering. We contain all production objectives requiring creative solutions.
Trade Show Services
Our highly experienced team has been providing training and education programs to educate your corporate team, Direct Seller Team, everyone who is involved with your Opportunity or with Direct Selling Industry so they can produce stronger, positive, and effective results.
Training / Sales Aids

Our highly experienced team has been providing training and education programs to educate your corporate team, Direct Seller Team, everyone who is involved with your Opportunity or with Direct Selling Industry so they can produce stronger, positive, and effective results.

Sales Aids
We have rounded up some of the most valuable sales training programs to learn and improve selling techniques, skills, confidence, and processes. The sales training program can be a virtual or live course, seminar, or workshop.
Training Materials
Corporate Training is important for your Direct Selling team at the right time to streamline workflows and increase operational efficiency. We can help everyone on your team through the smart use of the right tools and the right strategies.
Virtual Training
We will help you in the virtual learning world to increase efficiency. Virtual learning experiences would be a great tool and extremely helpful and we will help you virtualize your brilliance and deliver the exciting, live, and interactive virtual learning experiences your participants deserve.
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