The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

Review of INB Network: AI Marketing’s Cashback Ponzi Scheme

INB Network gives no data on its site about who possesses or runs the organization.

Indeed as I compose this, a visit to INB Network’s site sidetracks to a partner login page.

INB Network’s site area (“inb. network”) was first enrolled on August eighth, 2018. The private space enlistment was kept going refreshed on November ninth, 2020.

The further examination uncovers INB Network is attached to AI Marketing. Even though you will not discover any notice of INB Network on AI Marketing’s site.
Artificial intelligence Promoting’s site area (“ai. marketing”) was first enrolled in 2015. The private enrollment was last refreshed in August 2020.

The space for INB Organization’s and man-made intelligence Advertising’s inside the trade, iNeuroChange, was first enlisted in 2018.

That enrollment is likewise private and was keep going refreshed on November ninth, 2020 (same date as INB Organization’s space).

INB Organization address iNeuroChange is attached to STK Worldwide Oü, a shell organization purportedly joined in Estonia.

I got solicitations to survey artificial intelligence Promoting recently.

Notwithstanding its bogus-promoting claims tracing back to 2017, artificial intelligence Showcasing and INB Organization dispatched in late 2020 (after the related spaces were obtained in mid to late 2020).

Upon at first seeing artificial intelligence Showcasing I learned it wasn’t working as an MLM organization; subsequently no audit.

I’ve since taken in the MLM side of man-made intelligence Advertising is overseen through INB Organization. All things considered, these are similar organizations, run by similar individuals.

INB Organization gives off an impression of being a deliberate exertion to conceal artificial intelligence Showcasing’s MLM plan of action.

Concerning who is running these organizations, man-made intelligence Advertising gives three corporate addresses on its site; one each in the UK, Hong Kong, and Russia.

The UK address is joined by a fundamental UK fuse for “UDMCreators LTD.

With the end goal of MLM due-persistence, the UK fuse is useless and ought to be disregarded.

The Hong Kong consolidation is for Wexford Collusion Restricted.

Supposedly Wexford Collusion Restricted is a shell organization. Neither INB Organization nor artificial intelligence Showcasing has any unmistakable connections to Hong Kong.

The location in Russia is attached to Zarya LTD. Albeit this is additionally probable a shell organization, I’m inclining towards INB Organization and artificial intelligence Showcasing being controlled by Russians.

This is because of four reasons:

Vkontakte being a login alternative (VK is a Russian informal community);

Alexa referring to Russia in the main three wellsprings of site traffic for both man-made intelligence Advertising and INB Organization;

Russian and English being the lone authoritatively upheld dialects on the iNeuroChange inside trade;

INB Network’s Compensation Plan

There are two parts of INB Organization’s pay plan; artificial intelligence Advertising and INB Organization appropriate.

Note that the artificial intelligence Advertising return for money invested is paid in USD. On the off chance that you contribute straightforwardly through artificial intelligence Advertising, you can put resources into USD.

In case you’re contributing through INB Organization, you need to initially put resources into NBO and afterward send that to artificial intelligence Advertising. INB Organization promoting proposes returns made through the organization are paid in NBO.

Both INB Organization and artificial intelligence Showcasing reference commissions are paid in PRTN tokens.

AI Marketing Compensation

Artificial intelligence Promoting partners contribute $10 or more on the guarantee of an “up to 35%” month-to-month return on initial capital investment.

A 5% reference commission is paid on reserves contributed by and by enrolled members.

INB Network Compensation

INB Organization remuneration is paid close by artificial intelligence Advertising pay.

INB Organization pays additionally pays on interest into artificial based intelligence Showcasing.

Note that all commissions and rewards paid through INB Organization are paid in PRTN tokens.

Joining INB Network

INB Organization subsidiary enrollment is attached to a base $10 interest in simulated intelligence Advertising.

INB Organization and simulated intelligence Showcasing seem to request interest in USD and bitcoin.


INB Organization and artificial intelligence Advertising together structure a straightforward Ponzi focuses plot.

Both NBO and PRTN are ERC-20 tokens. These require five minutes to set up at almost no expense.

The two tokens are at present not freely tradeable. You can just pull out through artificial intelligence Promoting and INB Network inside the trade, iNeuroChange.


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