The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

Review Of PartyLite, Which Combines Fragrance Items With MLM Lite

PartyLite provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company.

A few Google searches reveal that PartyLite launched back in 1973. At some point, it was acquired by former MLM conglomerate Blyth.

In addition to PartyLite, Blyth is known for previous ownership of now-defunct Visalus.

In October 2015 Blyth and PartyLite were acquired by the multinational Carlyle Group.

In May 2016 Carlyle Group merged PartyLite with Candle-lite, a fragrance and candle company founded in Ohio back in 1840, under the holding company Luminex Home Décor & Fragrance Company.

Heading up Luminex Home Décor & Fragrance Company is CEO Scott Meader (appointed July 2020).

Meader (right) has an executive history in the consumer packaged goods industry. As far as I can tell Luminex Home Décor & Fragrance Company and PartyLite is his first MLM appointment.

As per a press release issued at the time of Meader’s appointment, Luminex Home Décor & Fragrance Company had ‘about 1,200 total employees and $495 million in revenue in 2019’.

Although Luminex Home Décor & Fragrance Company and PartyLite are effectively the same, this is a specific review of PartyLite.

PartyLite’s Products

PartyLite sells aroma themed items crossing home scent, prosperity, scent structures and home stylistic layout.

There are extremely numerous PartyLite items to list here exclusively. Fortunately, however, the organization gives a total retail index on its site.

On their site, PartyLite express their items are

made with the best and cleanest fixings.

That is the reason we remain behind our items with our PartyLite BePure Responsibility, No Rundown and 100% Love It Assurance.

Wondering for no specific reason I went searching for the “BePure Responsibility”, just to discover chronicled renditions of it have as of late been taken out.

I did anyway track down a 2019 BePure Responsibility promoting the video on PartyLite’s YouTube channel.

PartyLite’s Pay Plan:-

PartyLite doesn’t give a promptly accessible duplicate of its pay plan on its site.

I had the option to discover two PartyLite remuneration plans, tracing back to 2017 and 2020.

In 2017 PartyLite had what I’d call a conventional MLM pay plan.

In August 2020, around the hour of Scott Meader’s arrangement as Chief, PartyLite presented “another subsidiary plan of action”.

In this new model, you would be paid dependent on deals volume through a straightforward commission structure.

You can likewise add Partners to your group and make a commission on their deals.

The accompanying examination depends on PartyLite’s presented August 2020 pay plan for the US.

To the extent, I’m mindful it hasn’t changed over the previous year.

Joining PartyLite:-

PartyLite associate participation is $49.90 every year.

Partners are charged $1.50 every month if they need to “deal with your bonus instalments”.

A $3 month to month punishment expense is charged if a partner pulls out procured commissions for three successive months.


PartyLite experiences “nondescript organization” condition. Though I’m ordinarily against this for an MLM organization, I’m torn on giving PartyLite a pass.

For reasons unknown, PartyLite gutted their completely fledged MLM opportunity last year. What they presently offer is MLM light.

Settling one degree of enlistment (procuring on deals volume created on what is in fact level two of your unilevel group), is the absolute minimum to qualify as an MLM organization.

There’s nothing amiss with that, it’s anything but a discernible shift away from “conventional” MLM.

In that sense, I don’t have a favourable opinion of what we’d normally allude to as an MLM culture at PartyLite.


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