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The CMO Of QubitLife Announces His Resignation When The CONSOB Prohibits The Operations Of The Company

Italy’s Main Financial Regulator, CONSOB, Declared On May 19 On Its Official Website That the QubitLife Company Is Prohibited From Operating On National Soil. The Action Of The Commissione Nazionale Per Le Societ√† E La Borsa (CONSOB), Came A Week Before QubitLife Informed More Than 250,000 Victims That It Was Disabling Withdrawals.
Ongoing Research On QubitLife
Last February, The Italian Regulator Released Its First Statement Regarding The Company’s Site, And Its Operations In Italy. It Is Likely That The Investigation Into Qubittech (As It Was Known Then), Began Much Earlier.
The Process Carried Out By CONSOB Concluded That QubitTech Offered Unlicensed “Financial Products” To Italian Residents. So On February 25, CONSOB Issued QubitTech A Temporary Suspension Of 90 Days And The Blocking Of The Company’s Websites. A Securities Fraud Alert supported both Issues.
Of Course, The Company Decided Not To Respond Or Appeal But Changed Its Name To QubitLife A Week Later. No Official Reason For The Rebrand Was Ever Provided. Name Will Take CONSOB Off Your Back.
Given The Evasive Behavior Of The Company In The Face Of Constant Alerts From CONSOB, The Financial Regulator Decided To Permanently Ban Operations In Italy. The Statement Was Published On May 19, 2021.

The Ship Sinks And The Rats Begin To Flee
The Italian Warning Is Not The First To Be Made To QubitLife, Previously Spain, Malaysia, And The Bahamas, Had Issued Alerts For The Same Reasons. However, No Response Was Obtained Either.
Recently, The Company Announced Radical Changes In Its Business Model. The Person In Charge Of Facing The Victims Of The Ponzi Scheme Was Iakov Ashurov. Not Because He Was The Ideal Person, But Because Apparently CEO Greg Limon And CMO Marc Swickle Have Disappeared.
Although Greg Limon Has Not Given Any Signs Of Explanation, Swickel Made His Comeback At A Webinar Organized By Faith Sloan, The So-Called Queen Wiki. But Not To Encourage Investors, Quite The Contrary. Stickel Announced That He Was No Longer The CMO Of QubitLife; He Was Relinquishing His Obligations To The Company And Investors.
“I Am No Longer Part Of The Corporate Structure Of QubitLife. Let Me Lay The Groundwork By Saying That I Am Not QubitLife’s Chief Marketing Officer At This Time. ”
Swickle Claims That He Learned Of The Collapse Of QubitLife Twenty-Four Hours Before Ashurov’s Announcement. This Was The Reason Why He Was Not At The Conference On May 25, Although He Claims That The Collapse Of The Company Has Nothing To Do With His Resignation.
“The Reason I Left The Company Is Because I Don’t Agree With Something Very, Very Simple. And Is That The Company Should Have Offered People Who Have Less Than 100%, The Opportunity To Get Their Money Back. I Don’t Think They Should Have Done The Process The Way They Did. ”
Another Issue That Was Made Clear In The Sloan Webinar Is That There Is No Interest On The Part Of The Company Or Its Managers To Return Money To The Victims. Not Even Faith Sloan.
“I See Some People Ask Me: Reina, With All The Money You’ve Made, Are You Going To Find A Way To Pay Us Back? I Don’t Think It’s A Refund, It’s What We All Made A Choice.”

The Truth Is That QubitLife Representatives Are Linked To Previous Scams, And Mostly Warned For Securities Fraud. Even So, They Continue To Play With Fire, And With People’s Money. And, As On Other Occasions, When The Ship Begins To Sink, The Rats Look For An Escape Route.


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