The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The JuuvaFIT Challenge Has Been launched by Juuva

During the JuuvaFIT Summer Challenge, hundreds of Juuva customers and distributors shed an average of 12.04 pounds per person in just 9 weeks. The medals handed to those who fulfilled their goals were a highlight of Juuva’s Convention in Las Vegas.

Juuva’s solutions aim to combat acidity and inflammation, two major weight-loss roadblocks. When these factors are combined with a program that encourages healthy lifestyle choices, the effects are spectacular.

The JuuvaFIT Challenge includes everything needed to help people succeed, including:

• Certified Coach
• Tracker forms
• Facebook support groups
• Weekly support calls
• Great products
• A large group community cheering each other on.

It’s just more enjoyable when you’re with a bunch of individuals who share your objectives.

Denise, one of the participants, stated,

“I’ve tried a lot of diets previously and just dropped a little weight, but JuuvaFIT had everything I needed to succeed, and I lost 25 pounds. JuuvaFIT makes it simple and enjoyable.”

She wasn’t the only one who had gone through this. Another participant, Clint, says:

“I made a New Year’s resolution to lose at least 28 pounds. I shed 8 pounds in the first four months of the year with constant effort. Then I became a member of JuuvaFIT. I lost another 26 pounds over the next nine weeks.

With no further modifications in diet or activity other than Juuva products and participation in the JuuvaFIT Challenge, that’s three times the weight loss in a third of the time.”

Being a part of a team ensures that everyone receives the support and fun environment they need to achieve their objectives. Megan, the captain’s and teams’ coach, guides them on their trip. The JuuvaFIT Fall Challenge has just begun, and participation has increased by 50%. During this challenge, more pounds and inches will be shed, making it a fantastic way to conclude the year! Juuva is excited to assist more people in making the switch to a healthier lifestyle.

About Juuva

We know how to build a company that lasts at Juuva, and we use it every day to change people’s lives. Juuva was designed from the ground up with integrity, enthusiasm, and a distributor-focused philosophy in mind.

Weekly, we pay Distributors a guaranteed 50% of PV. We want our Distributors to succeed because we realize how important they are to our mutual success.

Grant Pace and Frankie Know, our two co-founders, have extensive industry knowledge and experience, and our total executive team has more than 200 years of effective network marketing experience. Our company’s strategic direction is set by these people. They will go to any length to deliver the best network marketing opportunity possible.


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