The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

Thressa Stehr The Top Leader Plants Her Flag With Velovita

Those who join and those who lead are two different types of people.
Thressa Stehr has been a leader in every sense of the word throughout her career.

She began her career in the automobile industry at the age of 18 and made her way up to management within two years, covering a successful 12-year career.

However, like many others, she was forced to explore an alternative professional route due to the economic crisis. Stehr decided to make direct sales her career from the start, and boy did she succeed!
She received five career vehicles at her first employer, including the highest accolade, a Pink Cadillac. She repeated her success, earning many all-expense-paid trips, including one to Bora Bora. Her greatest achievement, though, according to Stehr, is being able to help thousands of families better their lives while growing her company.

“It gives me so much pleasure to assist others in becoming financially independent, gaining confidence, and gaining the time freedom to live the life they choose. It’s a joy to watch them mature and fulfill their potential.”

When Theresa was introduced to Velovita by a friend, she was seeking for the perfect vehicle to further her professional growth and follow her passion for assisting others. “It checked every single box I wanted in a company for me.
The quality of the items, as well as the fact that they were unique on the market and that they were health and wellness-related, was fantastic.
The goods are simple, effective, one-of-a-kind, seductive, and result-oriented. Culture and leadership are essential.

Every owner and leader has worked as a distributor for many years.
The firm is just 13 months old and is debt-free.
Being able to create a worldwide brand and already having locations in over 30 countries.

Thressa has wasted no time in rising to the top of the company’s monthly worldwide scoreboard, and she is dedicated to assisting her colleagues in doing so as well.

“It gives us great pleasure to have outstanding leaders like Thressa join Velovita. She is a consummate professional, and the value she has already brought to our organization and culture cannot be quantified.
We’re looking forward to seeing her assist countless families Stated Kosta Gara, Velovita CEO.

About Velovita:-

Velovita has swiftly become a worldwide leader in innovation in the fields of biohacking, social selling, community growth, and assistance for the new world entrepreneur, thanks to its 90+ years of operational and field success. They aim to create an environment that inspires, educates, and enriches people’s lives.
Velovita focuses solely on the individual to improve their everyday performance both physically and mentally.


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