The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

Mi Lifestyle Has Launched Some Of Its New Products On 16th Of This Month

MI Lifestyle has launched some of its new products on 16th of this month. Lets take a look at those.

AAHAR SHORBA Tangy Tomato Green Tea and Black Pepper Fusion

MI Lifestyle launch a new product Fusion platter tomato sizzler is a tangy base preparation for the hot meal platters popularly known as sizzlers. Prepared with the finest quality tomato base infused with dry herbed seasonings and spices it is the perfect ingredient for Italian and Mexican flavored sizzlers.

AAHAR Instant Cold Cofee Premix

When Chilling Comes Naturally – Crafted To Perfection With Just The Right Blend Of Ingredients, AAHAR Cold Coffee Is A Refreshing Beverage That Has An Unforgettably Great Taste. This Makes It An Ideal Drink For Every Occasion.

AAHAR Aam Panna Instant Drink Mix

Aam Panna is an Instant beverage mix powder with the freshness of mint and tanginess of green mango for making traditional Indian household AAHAR Aam Panna.

AAHAR Spiced Orange Instant Drink Mix

AAHAR comes in a refreshing orange flavor. Keep everyone refreshed this summer with Spiced Orange and its great fruit taste with the goodness of vitamins A, B, C, and Iron.

AAHAR Rose Lemon Mint Instant Drink Mix

AAHAR Passion Fruit Instant Drink Mix

The sweet flavor of the passion fruit is ideal to refresh an afternoon in the pool or enjoy a picnic with your family. AAHAR passion fruit-flavored water is perfect for cooling on hot days.

Neustar Ayurvedic Cool Oil

It has been meticulously prepared from a combination of nine unique ayurvedic herbs. Its everyday massage gives enjoyable cooling which provides relief from daily mental and physical stress- and its related symptoms like headache, fatigue, tension, insomnia, etc.

Neustar Anti Bacterial Tooth Brush

Neustar anti-bacterial with anti-bacterial bristle protection helps keep bristles cleaner between brushing. Neustar Anti Bacterial has been clinically proven to remove more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush with its crisscross bristles.

Neustar Livlong Descaler

Neustar Livelong Descaler contains specialty hard surface cleaners that cleans, descales, sanitizes, and deodorizes your appliances, leaving your appliances sparkling clean.

ON&ON Nutrilife Chocolate

There is a need for a drink that provides delicious and convenient nutrition. Nutrilife kids drink, chocolate flavor is balanced nutrition for children, providing them the essential foundation nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

ON&ON TYZON Aqua Deodorant Spray

TYZON Aqua Deodorant Spray Gives you continuous, effective protection against perspiration odour during the whole day
Stimulates your senses, as if refreshed by crystal-clear water and Gives you long-lasting protection.

ON&ON NU femme Dedorant Spray

Femme Essence is a mesmerizing fragrance of love for those who enjoy infatuation and love. Floral top notes open with sensual essences of jasmine, bitter orange wrapped in sweet notes of peach and magnolia blossom.

ON&ON Hair Colour Shampoo

This Hair Colour shampoo color helps in smoothening up your hair with its rich extracts. Use this hair color as a shampoo and get a new glossy look.

What is MI DIGI World

MI DIGI means my lifestyle digital world. Midigiworld is an interactive e-learning platform for upscaling skills and interests, with the goal of inspiring and creating outstanding learning experiences through live training sessions, exponential technologies, and a classroom-like feel from the comfort of your own home. They provide a platform where 500 plus doctors can check your health in your own language like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, English, Marathi, etc. In their platform, they also provide a different kind of lawyer in different laws of every state. They also provide accountants for e-filing like GST, taxation, etc. this is one platform where you work from home, you can work from outside of the country wherever and whichever place, this is a platform of a lot of Indians who can develop their skills here.

How Is Mi Digi World

Mi Digi dream is anybody can learn with their experts in any corner of the city you are you can learn anything from their platform and create your own business and earn money but the only thing is you have to learn in the correct way.

MI DIGI World Goals

MiDigiWorld is a live online interactive training platform that helps people improve their abilities and interests. With live training sessions, exponential technology, and a classroom-like atmosphere at your convenience, our aim is to offer amazing learning experiences. Come learn about a wide range of skills with us, including Yoga, Business, Entrepreneurship, Technology, and many others. We want to inspire and educate the future generation, as well as people of all ages, to create, acquire, and practice new skills. Using the most cutting-edge technology available, our firm has a meaningful and responsible effect on the world.


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