When Building A Channel, Vendors Must Address Direct Sales Culture, According To Appgate

When switching from direct sales to a channel strategy, vendors must do more to bridge the cultural barrier.

Fiona Doak, director of EMEA channel sales at cybersecurity firm Appgate, agrees. Doak is currently in charge of developing a European channel strategy.

Vendors, according to Doak, must show the sales staff that the channel can deliver opportunities. This is especially true when pursuing prospects in the business and big to midmarket segments.

She believes that language is crucial.

“I prefer direct touch to direct selling,” Doak explained. “I believe that is more appealing to both the direct teams and the channel.” It fills in the gaps and avoids the traditional experience that we’ve all encountered when companies sell straight and have a channel. That’s a difficult bridge to construct.

“In certain cases, it’s just the way things have always been and how they’ve always worked.” “Unless you force a change, that’s how it’ll always be,” she explained.

“From a direct standpoint, how you treat the channel can make or break you,” she remarked. “Working together on a contract is one approach to create trust. Partners will appreciate it and, more often than not, return the favor. However, if they have not been treated well, [or] if deals that they worked on have been taken directly from them, they will live with a partner for a long period. That is something I would emphasize that we are doing with Appgate; we are bridging that gap.

Incentivising Direct Touch Teams

“The benefit of direct touch teams working through the channel is that they will have a large net of clients, opportunities, and verticals to work with.

“I’ve stood in front of direct touch teams time and time again. ‘Make friends with the partners, help them, and go shoulder to shoulder with them,’ I’ve stated. You’ll notice that you and that partner develop a natural friendship or relationship, and they’ll remember it. It’s a natural way to build a relationship with a partner to support your direct contact methods.”

Building an EMEA Channel

Before Doak’s arrival in March, Appgate had several EMEA partners but no formal channel structure. “We haven’t focused on that yet,” Doak explains, “so we haven’t worked on that yet.”

“Even though I work with a direct sales team, they recognize the value of the channel,” she explained.

They’re “forging wider and deeper ties with the channel” and “creating a different way to market,” according to Doak.

“I never like to talk about the number of partners because I believe it is more important to talk about the quality of partners. It’s all about finding the appropriate collaborators. Tiering programs and such things do not appeal to me. I prefer the question, “Are we a good fit?” It’s all about having a common vision.


Swissjust’s Direct Selling Self-regulatory Council Recommends That Certain Health-related Product Performance And Earnings Claims Be Discontinued

The BBB National Programs’ Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) recommended that SwissJust USA, a direct selling company that markets and distributes natural products for emotional, physical, and dermo-cosmetic well-being, and its salesforce stop making certain product performance and earnings claims. Concerns that the disputed product performance claims indicated that SwissJust products can treat and guard against major health-related disorders, such as COVID-19, were at the heart of this investigation.

DSSRC launched the investigation as part of its ongoing impartial monitoring of direct selling advertising and marketing claims. SwissJust salesforce members propagated the claims that were the focus of the investigation on social media.

Product Claims include, but are not limited to:

• The ideal pair Defends against viruses and bacteria Cough, asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, allergies, and respiratory problems are all relieved by clearing the airways (translated from Spanish)
• Immune system booster, bactericidal disinfection, stress reliever, and corona defense (translated from Spanish)
• CORONA VIRUS PREVENTION (COVID-19). Boost your immune system with natural remedies. #coronavirus #covid #covid19 #just #swissjust
• Eucasol: antiviral; asthma, bronchitis, congestion, cough; emphysema; influenza, pneumonia; sinusitis; emphysema; emphysema; emphysema; emphysema; emphyse

Earnings Claim
• Join our SwissJust Team – You may make SwissJust a full-time job or simply use it to supplement your income to pay for life’s small indulgences.

SwissJust did not respond to DSSRC’s concerns that a reasonable consumer would take these and similar promises to indicate that salesforce members can generate a considerable income from the SwissJust business opportunity.

SwissJust was asked by the DSSRC to remove any social media posts claiming that its products are effective against major health-related diseases, as well as the contested statements that SwissJust salesforce members will earn a lot of money from the SwissJust business opportunity.

While DSSRC appreciated the company’s commitment to removing the topic posts from social media, DSSRC was concerned that they were still publicly accessible.

Even though SwissJust is a global firm with many salesforce members from outside of the US, DSSRC reminded SwissJust that it is nonetheless accountable for the honesty and accuracy of product and/or business opportunity statements made by its independent salesforce members. If the post was made by a former member of SwissJust’s salesforce, DSSRC will demand that the company demonstrate that it made a good-faith effort to have the inappropriate content removed, such as providing DSSRC with a copy of the takedown requests sent to the salesforce members responsible for the content.

SwissJust has failed to submit copies of the takedown requests received to salesforce members, and many of the challenged claims are still accessible to the public at the time of this court decision’s publication. DSSRC will have no choice but to send this complaint to the proper governmental organizations if SwissJust does not remove unfounded product performance and earnings claims from social media.


Quandary With Direct Selling

The pandemic prompted businesses of all types to sell on e-commerce platforms and communicate directly with customers. Cornitos and Bisleri went direct-to-consumer, and carmakers like Hyundai started selling four-wheelers online. Individual sellers will be able to accept and fulfill orders online starting in March 2020, thanks to direct selling companies. For example, Modicare launched a chatbot, an instant messaging catalog, and an online training academy for new vendors. Tupperware devised a system that allowed vendors to share unique links with clients in exchange for a commission on all orders placed through that connection. Meanwhile, Amway created a curriculum to teach direct sellers how to create social and digital media content and how to become influencers.

These direct selling enterprises, on the other hand, have not yet made the e-commerce channel available to the general public.

According to a survey conducted by the Indian Direct Selling Association, the Rs 17,000 crore direct selling business expanded by only 10% in FY21. The industry increased at 12 percent and 13 percent y-o-y in FY19 and FY18, respectively, after growing at 28.2 percent y-o-y in FY20.

The direct selling sector relies primarily on one-on-one interactions and vendor visits to customers’ homes. It has been attempting to shift to digital for a few years, and the epidemic has hastened this process. “Since the epidemic, most lead generation has taken place virtually. This might happen on social media platforms, WhatsApp groups, Facebook Messenger, and so on,” says Frederic Widell, Oriflame’s VP and head of South Asia and MD of India.

Through its network of direct dealers, Amway India is attempting to develop an influencer ecosystem. These influencers, according to Anshu Budhraja, CEO of Amway India, will promote Amway brands to consumers and pave the road for social commerce. According to Budhraja, the company’s online sales through private sellers increased last year, from over 33% before February 2020 to over 70% currently.

No takers for e-commerce

Although e-commerce use increased by a factor of ten during the epidemic, direct selling organizations discourage vendors from using e-commerce marketplaces. In 2020, a Delhi High Court ruling permitted e-commerce platforms to list products from direct selling companies like Amway, Modicare, and Oriflame without obtaining prior consent. Companies continue to delist vendors that use e-commerce platforms despite this. Gautam Bali, MD, Vestige Marketing, and chairman, ASSOCHAM’s direct selling council, says, “We are against this activity and have repeatedly delisted distributors who attempted to unethically sell our items on e-commerce platforms.”

Because direct sellers are considered “the backbone of the industry,” direct selling companies are wary about e-commerce and D2C networks. “Companies do not want to sell directly to these seven million people,” says Rajat Banerji, VP of the Indian Direct Selling Association. Direct sellers typically use direct selling businesses’ D2C websites to place orders on behalf of customers.

Deepak Chhabra, MD of Tupperware India, says the business solved the problem by allowing its direct sellers to operate on e-commerce platforms and manage the company’s offline exclusive brand stores.

News gives USANA’s Joint Support Supplement Their Seal Of Approval

Procasa, a joint support supplement from USANA, passed purity tests from third-party assessor, earning the company its third mark of approval.

Dan Macuga, USANA Chief Communications, and Marketing Officer says, “USANA is constantly striving to offer the safest and highest-quality supplements on the market today.” “Our commitment to producing high-quality products and ensuring that what is on the label is in every tablet we generate is reflected in our continuous recognition for our world-class products.” gave the Procasa supplement this seal of approval because it included 100 percent of the advertised amount of glucosamine and turmeric, which are used to improve joint and cartilage health. The supplement also passed the heavy metal test and the quality disintegration standards.

According to Rob Sinnott, USANA’s Chief Scientific Officer, “Procosa is a unique supplement developed to give nutrients to maintain and protect your joint health.”


Through grants, MONAT Will Invest $1 Million In Youth Education

MONAT Gratitude, MONAT Global’s philanthropic endeavor, will donate $1 million to help “reduce the achievement gap in impoverished communities around the world” during the next year.

The monies will be distributed in the form of grants to qualified nonprofit organizations, which will utilize them to support youth education, recreation, and culture.

Additional grants will be used to support new and existing K-12 programs in the arts, music, sports, and entrepreneurship, and will be motivated by the organization’s mission to improve the quality of life for children and families while expanding opportunities for academic achievement around the world.


The Body Shop’s Employment Policy Has Been Modified to Recruit Underserved Populations

The Body Shop North America has stated that it would expand its open hiring processes, which are a holistic and fair approach to attracting and onboarding staff. This new procedure eliminates common hiring restrictions such as background checks, drug screens, and prior experience.

Following two successful seasonal employment pilot initiatives, the company’s customer consultant and entry-level positions in retail locations and distribution centers will now be filled permanently.

“The Body Shop is dedicated to establishing an inclusive environment for all of our workers, and that commitment begins with the hiring process,” stated Nicolas Debray, President of The Body Shop, Americas. “We think that businesses can be a force for good, which implies that everyone, regardless of their background or prior experience, should have the opportunity to work. If you want to work in one of our retail locations or our Distribution Center, we can provide you a job that pays well. It’s that straightforward, and it works.”

The company claims that this shift toward a more inclusive hiring approach would result in a “more robust ecosystem of training, development, and support services for employees,” based on feedback from the trial program.

The company’s Open Hiring program initially asked candidates three questions on a first-come, first-served basis, but it will now join with nonprofit organizations to recruit people with specific impediments to employment, such as homelessness, jail, and a lack of education.

“We wanted to partner with organizations that were dedicated to not only assisting residents in overcoming barriers to employment, but also supporting them once they were hired,” Debray explained. “Many of our community partners provide job preparation training to assist individuals in preparing to enter the workforce. They will also continue to help the individual once they have been hired. This lowers the hurdles to the employee’s success in their new position.”

The Body Shop will now focus on assisting marginalized communities through partnerships with organizations such as Project Renewal, City Relief, and the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, as well as a comprehensive training program for management and entry-level employees to improve soft skills and leadership development.

“Access to a well-paying job is one of the most glaring and overpowering hurdles that prevent people experiencing homelessness from changing their lives,” said Josiah Haken, Chief Program Officer of City Relief. “City Relief is ecstatic to collaborate with The Body Shop to link those who are homeless with job opportunities that will enable them to build a better future for themselves and their families.”


The JuuvaFIT Challenge Has Been launched by Juuva

During the JuuvaFIT Summer Challenge, hundreds of Juuva customers and distributors shed an average of 12.04 pounds per person in just 9 weeks. The medals handed to those who fulfilled their goals were a highlight of Juuva’s Convention in Las Vegas.

Juuva’s solutions aim to combat acidity and inflammation, two major weight-loss roadblocks. When these factors are combined with a program that encourages healthy lifestyle choices, the effects are spectacular.

The JuuvaFIT Challenge includes everything needed to help people succeed, including:

• Certified Coach
• Tracker forms
• Facebook support groups
• Weekly support calls
• Great products
• A large group community cheering each other on.

It’s just more enjoyable when you’re with a bunch of individuals who share your objectives.

Denise, one of the participants, stated,

“I’ve tried a lot of diets previously and just dropped a little weight, but JuuvaFIT had everything I needed to succeed, and I lost 25 pounds. JuuvaFIT makes it simple and enjoyable.”

She wasn’t the only one who had gone through this. Another participant, Clint, says:

“I made a New Year’s resolution to lose at least 28 pounds. I shed 8 pounds in the first four months of the year with constant effort. Then I became a member of JuuvaFIT. I lost another 26 pounds over the next nine weeks.

With no further modifications in diet or activity other than Juuva products and participation in the JuuvaFIT Challenge, that’s three times the weight loss in a third of the time.”

Being a part of a team ensures that everyone receives the support and fun environment they need to achieve their objectives. Megan, the captain’s and teams’ coach, guides them on their trip. The JuuvaFIT Fall Challenge has just begun, and participation has increased by 50%. During this challenge, more pounds and inches will be shed, making it a fantastic way to conclude the year! Juuva is excited to assist more people in making the switch to a healthier lifestyle.

About Juuva

We know how to build a company that lasts at Juuva, and we use it every day to change people’s lives. Juuva was designed from the ground up with integrity, enthusiasm, and a distributor-focused philosophy in mind.

Weekly, we pay Distributors a guaranteed 50% of PV. We want our Distributors to succeed because we realize how important they are to our mutual success.

Grant Pace and Frankie Know, our two co-founders, have extensive industry knowledge and experience, and our total executive team has more than 200 years of effective network marketing experience. Our company’s strategic direction is set by these people. They will go to any length to deliver the best network marketing opportunity possible.


The CEO of ASCIRA, John Sachtouras, Has Won The Globee® 2021 CEO World Award

In the Annual 2021 CEO World Awards, John Sachtouras, CEO of ASCIRA, was named Transformational Leader of the Year by Globee®.

Ascira Global announced today that John Sachtouras has been chosen a winner in the 9th Annual 2021 CEO World Awards, organized by The Globee® Awards, the world’s premier business awards programs, and business rating lists.

These prestigious international awards honor disruptive innovations and innovative solutions that are revolutionizing consumer experiences around the world.

In Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Canada and the United States, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa, they span every industry of any size.

The SVUS Awards® award program from Silicon Valley in the United States of America includes the Annual CEO World Awards. The prestigious annual CEO World Awards program honors the finest in leadership, innovation, organizational performance, innovative goods and services, excellence studies, corporate social responsibility, and milestones from every major industry.

Public and private organizations, for-profit and non-profit organizations, the largest to the tiniest, and fresh start-ups are all eligible to make recommendations.

The CEO World Awards honor the accomplishments of leaders, executives, and their management teams who are responsible for the year’s most noteworthy projects and accomplishments. CEOs, or chief executive officers, are in charge of developing the organization’s short- and long-term strategy.

Individuals and teams who establish industry standards for excellence are honored in this yearly awards event. Private and public organizations, enterprises, non-profits, associations, vendors, and government entities from all industries are all eligible to join.

Sachtouras was awarded the Bronze Globe in the category of Transformational Leader of the Year.

“We are honored to receive the Globee Award and to be acknowledged as an industry leader at this year’s CEO World Awards,” says the company.

Sachtouras explains.

“Our product innovations and unwavering commitment to client care are the driving forces behind this illustrious achievement. This award from Globee Awards, we believe, further affirms our commitment to our customers.”

The 2021 award winners were decided by the average ratings and inputs of judges from a diverse range of industry voices from around the world.

About the Globee Awards

The American Best in Business Awards, Business Excellence Awards (Best Employers), CEO World Awards®, Communications Excellence Awards, Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards®, Disruptor Company Awards, Golden Bridge Awards®, International Best in Business Awards, IT World Awards®, Sales, Marketing, & Service Excellence Awards, and Wharton Global Excellence Awards are among the eleven programs and competitions that confer Globee Awards.

About Ascira

ASCIRA is a subscription-based corporation that provides online digital items for personal development. It aims to build a global social lifestyle community of over a billion people and serve them with the most diverse knowledge possible.


TLC’s My Health Matters Challenge Adds Value To The Community On A Daily Basis

On September 13, 2021, at 8 p.m. EST, Total Life Changes (TLC) launched the first day of their 5-day My Health Matters Challenge. This challenge focuses on one part of your life that can be changed or improved daily, combining the mind, body, and spirit. Release, Replace, Revive, Routine, and Reflect are some of the subjects covered.

John Licari, Trent Shelton, and Stormy Wellington hosted the debut broadcast, Release. John begins the show by explaining why your health should always be a priority in your life:

“You will be transformed by what you will be exposed to and around for the next five days. My health is important because my wife Christina and I have two lovely daughters, and I want to be present on their wedding day and in the lives of my grandchildren. I want to learn and understand everything I can so that I can be a part of those memorable moments.”

He encourages everyone, whatever of age, to begin a health and wellness journey. Stormy, the next host, joins John on the show to talk about what it means to take care of oneself and encourage good habits:

“The reality is, we’ve all lost someone because of things that could have been avoided if we’d made better decisions and taken better care of ourselves. These problems could have been avoided if we had made better decisions and developed better habits. Today is a particularly emotional day for me because, after more than 12 years in the health and wellness sector, the life I wanted and the way I wanted people to see me has finally arrived. They now refer to me as a fitness influencer.”

Trent then walks to the virtual stage to talk about bringing your goals to life and making them a reality:

“You are one percent of the world’s population who takes control of their lives. I’d like to show that seed even more. Whatever it is that you desire, you must achieve it. And I’d want to tell you something: it’s up to you to water that seed. This week, a lot of seeds will be planted. My question to you is this: Why do you feel compelled to? You HAVE TO BE MORE CONCERNED WITH YOUR LIFE.”

About Total Life Changes

TLC (Total Life Changes) is a direct selling company that sells a wide range of health and wellness items. TLC was founded 17 years ago by Jack Fallon, who began with a single product: NutraBurst®. Since then, TLC has continued to produce weight loss and wellness products, as well as an enticing hybrid binary compensation scheme that allows TLC Life Changers to be rewarded swiftly for bringing new clients to the company’s products and business opportunities. Discover why so many people say, “It’s different over here.”


LurraLife – Retail To Recruit: Network Marketing Upheaval

Network marketing is well-known: you buy your stuff, grow your team, and keep recruiting… When you run out of people to recruit, what happens to your earnings and the model’s effectiveness?

Given that just roughly a quarter of Network Marketing participants make the most money, you can draw your conclusions.

However, at LurraLife, we’ve worked hard to shift away from “contemporary” Network Marketing and toward a direct retail focus, which we call the “Retail to Recruit” mentality.

LurraLife lets our high-quality products speak for themselves rather than asking Brand Partners to sign up recruit after recruit with building packs. LurraLife caters to not only Brand Partners and health advocates but also one-time buyers, by emphasizing the product. We’ve found that after non-members buy and utilize our products, they return and bring their friends and family with them.

“One of the changes I’ve noticed in this market is a greater emphasis on actually running a business out of your house, rather than just recruiting, going online, and recruiting others to establish a large organization,” says the author.

Travis Martin, a co-founder of LurraLife, states

“If you can find a reasonable and successful product and sell it to your friends and family, you should be able to keep the money.”

According to Martin, LurraLife’s revenue has increased from $70,000 per month just 14 months ago to over $1 million per month.

When compared to compensation plan profits, retail profits account for three times the earnings. It doesn’t need a network or an army of recruits to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle; all it takes is satisfied consumers who want to get started.

But it’s not all about the money; starting with Drink2Shrink, we’re aiming to develop a community with a focus on the finest customer experience and cheap health items. We’ve also been able to offer initiatives that turn network marketing on its head and benefit users as a result of our success.

“You’ll often hear hollow claims in network marketing, like ‘just come in and you’ll make this sort of money,'” Martin added. “With the $100 A Day technique, people are truly making $100 a day in their first month of business,” says the author.

“It’s magic to see [members’] success and confidence, and to see them own a business,” Martin added. “When people join Lurralife, they become successful in their own right.”

About LurraLife

LurraLife’s main goal is to reconnect people with nature and teach them how to live in peace with the resources that the Earth has provided for us. We don’t define “fit” as a single ideal at LurraLife. We recognize that everyone is unique, and rather than changing that, we want to celebrate it.