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Eco Beauty, A Guide To Skin Care

Oriflame’s EcoBeauty Line Designs Natural, Ethical, And Responsible Products To Provide Customers With An Optimal, Healthy, And Sustainable Result. The Company Maintains A Philosophy That natural Ingredients Combined With Science Produce More Effective Results.

However, In A World Where More And More Consumers Are Concerned About Sustainability And Caring For The Environment, In Addition To Health And Personal Well-Being; Distinguishing Between Sustainable, Natural And Organic Products Becomes Difficult.

For This Reason, Oriflame Approached Facial Care Expert Melina Galeadi, Seeking Answers About The Differences Between Different Cosmetics.

ECoBeauty, A-Line For Eco-Responsible Consumers

Eco beauty Is The Oriflame Line That Best Exemplifies The Company’s Commitment To Nature And Renewable Energy. It Is Ecocert Certified, Which Means That More Than 95% Of Its Ingredients Are Natural, And Even More Than 5% Organic. In Addition, Ecobeauty’s Manufacturing Processes Are Environmentally Responsible And Its Packaging Is Recyclable And Sustainable From Start To Finish.

All Products In The Line Contain Two Key Ingredients That Have Been Carefully Selected For Their Unique Skincare Effects. Thanks To The Careful Extraction Process, The Properties Of Essential Vitamins, Amino Acids, And Fatty Acids Remain Intact. What Provides The Skin With Essential Nutrients To Keep It Healthy And Radiant In The Most Natural Way.

What Does “Natural” Mean When It Comes To Facial Care?

Although Different Certification Bodies Are Trying To Give A Single Definition Of “Natural”, There Is No Single Definition By The Global Industry. This Means That “Natural” Is Still A Word With Multiple Interpretations. In Any Case, Natural Ingredients Are Those That Are Extracted From Plants Or Natural Sources Through Mechanical Means Such As Pressing Or Natural Solvents.

How Can They Be Differentiated From Those Classified As “Organic”?

Organic Ingredients Are Natural Ingredients Grown Organically, That Is, Without The Use Of Synthetic Pesticides.

Is Natural And Organic Better, Or Is It A Misconception?

Natural And Organic Ingredients May Be Better, But Due To Their Delicate Nature, Vast Experience Is Required To Preserve, Plant And Extract The Best From Them. It Should Be Noted That Formulations Of Non-Natural Origin Are Also Safe. It Is The Process And Expert Knowledge Of The Ingredients That Ultimately Determine Their Quality And Safety In The Final Product.

Instead Of Trying To Understand All The Ingredients, Study The Company’s Overall Philosophy And Its Approach To Natural Ingredients.

Can Natural Facial Care Products Act-On Skin Problems As Effectively As Non-Natural Products?

It Is Not All Black Or White. It Does Not Affect So Much The Natural Composition In Its Effectiveness, As The Formulation Of The Ingredients. The Effectiveness Of Natural Ingredients Can Be Substantially Improved With The Help Of Science.

Why Did Oriflame Create The EcoBeauty Line And Focus On Eco-Responsible Consumers?

Nature Is In Our DNA. We Are Pioneers In The Development Of Natural Formulations Since 1967, So Creating A Line Of Natural Cosmetics Was The Logical Step. Eco beauty Includes Ingredients From Natural And Renewable Sources. We Work To Maximize The Benefits Of The Environment, And Responsibly And Ethically To Minimize Unnecessary Expenses And Contribute Unnecessarily To Pollution.
Not Everything Depends On The Natural Origin Of The Ingredients, The Formulation Of These Is A Key Piece In The Equation.


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