The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

MMM DAPP Review: MMM Global keen agreement Ponzi clone

MMM Global is a Ponzi scheme that needs no presentation. MMM DAPP is a MMM Global clone, gone through a keen agreement. MMM Global author Sergey Mavrodi passed on in mid 2018, from that point forward Russian tricksters have been dispatching one MMM Global reboot after another.

Supporting Russians being behind MMM DAPP is the authority MMM DAPP YouTube channel, which is brimming with recordings named in Russian. MMM DAPP is run from two site area, “” and “”. The two areas were secretly enlisted inside ten minutes of one another on April 25th, 2020.

A piece of advices from us:

If a MLM organization isn’t straightforwardly forthright about who is running or possesses it, take some time to consider joining and additionally giving over any cash.

MMM DAPP’s Products

MMM DAPP has no retail able items or administrations, with partners just ready to advertise MMM DAPP associate enrollment itself.

MMM DAPP’s Compensation Plan

MMM DAPP associates contribute tie (USDT) on the guarantee of month to month returns of up to 30%.
MMM DAPP pays referral commissions on contributed reserves by means of a unilevel remuneration structure.

A unilevel pay structure puts a member at the head of a unilevel group, with each actually enrolled associate put legitimately under them (level 1):

On the off chance that any level 1 offshoots select new associates, they are set on level 2 of the first partner’s unilevel group.
On the off chance that any level 2 subsidiaries select new partners, they are set on level 3 etc down a hypothetical unending number of levels.
MMM DAPP tops payable unilevel group levels at four.

Referral commissions are paid out as a level of USDT contributed over these four levels as follows:

level 1 (actually enrolled members) – 5%

level 2 – 1%

level 3 – 2%

level 4 – 3%

Note: To open levels 2 to 4, MMM DAPP associates must enroll ten members and have an absolute downline of thirty offshoots.

Joining MMM DAPP

MMM DAPP partner enrollment is free.

Full support in the connected pay opportunity anyway requires an interest in USDT. MMM DAPP’s site doesn’t give a base UDST venture sum.
Similarly as with each manifestation of MMM Global before it, MMM DAPP endeavors to veil a Ponzi scheme under the pretense of “giving and accepting assistance”. (Giving assistance = contributing. Finding support = accepting recently contributed reserves.)
Likewise with each Ponzi scheme, this breakdown when withdrawals (“finding support”) surpasses new venture (giving assistance).

This is actually how every MMM Global Ponzi breakdown. MMM DAPP won’t be any unique.
What separates MMM DAPP from others?

One viewpoint that may separate MMM DAPP from its forerunners is its Mavro Commemorative Token.


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