The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

Etherconnect Starts The Ponzi Scheme’s Shitcoin Manufacturing Phase

Likely having arrived at top ECC speculation, EtherConnect is equipping to dispatch another shitcoin.

Sign the shitcoin production line period of present-day MLM digital currency Ponzi plans.

EtherConnect’s new shitcoin is EYFI, a basic BSC token. EYFI, which means “Ether Yield Cultivating”, is being whipped to EtherConnect subsidiaries at a dime each.

From that point it’s the standard Ponzi shitcoin playbook; persuade others to contribute, siphon, cash out, dump, sorry for your misfortune, stand by some time, dispatch new Ponzi shitcoin, rehash.

EtherConnect is exchanging on the name of the infamous BitConnect Ponzi plot.

It is accepted to be controlled by various individuals, with binds to Russia, Ukraine, and India.

EtherConnect’s true Facebook page is overseen by people in India.

This individual is a carbon copy for Jaafar Bousta, as far as anyone knows to dwell in Kiev, Ukraine.

EtherConnect dispatched by beating its ECC poop token for a dime to financial backers around Walk 2021.

EtherConnect addresses the current inward worth of ECC is at 26 pennies.

The catch is one put resources into, ECC is bolted for 365 days. Associates can just money out month-to-month returns (max 17.5% per month).

EtherConnect collapses when withdrawals surpass venture.

At dispatch, most of the traffic to EtherConnect’s site began out of the US. Today, according to Alexa’s traffic assessment, that has moved to India (18%), Russia (15%), and Argentina (11%).

EYFI tokens will be whipped to general society from July eighth. Meanwhile, EtherConnect is pre-dispersing EYFI to associates who’ve put resources into ECC.

EYFI has a different site space up at “eyfi. finance”, secretly enrolled on April seventeenth, 2021.

Alexa’s top traffic details for Ether Yield Cultivating’s site are Russia (17%), India (16%) and the US (12%).


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