The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

In Africa, The Vivian Mokome Longrich Team Is Rapidly Expanding

Vivian Mokome, her two children, and her 14-year-old husband, Solly Mokome, reside in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Vivian is a lady on a mission who believes Africa is one and the future belongs to Africa.
Her motto is “Africa is the Next Economy.” She has almost 500,000 subscribers in 20 African nations.
She has a Master’s degree in Information Systems and Business Applications and is presently working on her Ph.D. at Wits Institution, Africa’s top university.
Vivian expressed herself as follows:
It was my first profession in Network Marketing when I joined the company in 2017. I never imagined that one day I would be one of the industry’s top leaders, or rather top earners. I had no idea that I would be tasked with transforming the face of Network Marketing in Africa.
All I wanted was a passive income, believe me when I say that. I had no idea it would turn out to be something I performed as a career, much less on a full-time basis because the banking industry took good care of me and paid me well.
However, the prospect of earning money passively drew me in.
Though I wasn’t sure, I had a feeling that selling sanitary napkins, which is one of Longrich’s primary line products, would make me a billionaire one day. I thought I’d never go wrong with every girl kid born every day. A decent-grade sanitary napkin will always be required.
I now have teams in Brazil and the United Kingdom, but Africa holds a particular place in my heart. Africa has a special place in my heart, and I’m now researching the African market. It makes me happy to witness the growth of my teams in:
• Angola, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique
• Congo, Cape Verde Congo, Brazzaville Kinshasa
• Uganda, Mombasa, Rwanda, and Tanzania are all places worth visiting.
Network marketing has its highs and lows, but most of the time it is highs. People can discourage you, while others will only walk with you for one mile, leaving you to walk the remaining 100 miles on your own. In the last few years, I’ve also learned my lessons.

I’ve discovered that leadership is also a process of learning.

About Longrich International

Longrich (Chinese: Longliqi) is a major Chinese cosmetics firm that manufactures a wide range of household cleaning, personal care, health care, oral care, and pet care products. We employ 12,000 people globally and have eight research and development facilities across three continents.
Since its inception in 1986, our company has experienced steady market share growth and expansion, establishing us as one of China’s most successful private companies, a leader in the Chinese cosmetics and daily care industries, and a company that legally engages in direct selling in mainland China and abroad.


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