The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

Nexarise – The 21st Century’s Emerging Innovators

‘The design, development, and deployment of a new product, method, or service to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, or competitive advantage,’ according to the Cambridge Dictionary. The Direct Selling sector, which began more than a century ago, is successful, as it is one of the industries that has produced the greatest number of billionaires and financial success stories in the globe. This sector alone is worth about $170 billion in today’s modern world, paying hundreds of millions of dollars to its distributors daily.

The Vision of NeXarise:

To become the world’s largest direct-selling firm, allowing as many people as possible to benefit from residual income.

About the Founders:


Ahmed thought he had had enough of working as a commercial manager for one of the UK’s most well-known retailers and desired more from life. He was introduced to the direct selling sector in 2013. He knew right away in his heart that he had finally found what he was seeking. When he saw immediate success, he bravely left his managerial job and opted to pursue direct selling as a career. He learned the vital skills and information required to become a successful storey via exceptional work ethics and a burning drive to achieve.

Ahmed brings his tremendous enthusiasm for the business, an awe-inspiring work ethic, and concrete visionary talents to the table as the President of NeXarise, ensuring that everyone who follows his vision achieves a major success in life.


Asad moved to the UK to further his business and accounting education. He was quickly chosen to handle the accounting for a globally famous fashion shop after finishing his Master’s degree in Business Administration with distinction from Cardiff Metropolitan University. He then advanced to a position where he was responsible for overseeing the entire operations of one of Europe’s largest logistics companies.


Liju, who is of Indian descent and was reared in the Middle East, moved to the United Kingdom to further his studies. He was quickly hired into management for one of the world’s largest engineering firms after successfully finishing his degree in electrical engineering at Queen Mary University of London. He was then headhunted for a position in senior management at one of the UK’s major insurance businesses. His penchant for entrepreneurship began when he founded two successful healthcare start-ups.

To summarise, if these three individuals can achieve similar levels of success in the face of complete global upheaval, one can only expect NeXarise’s future development to be remarkable, as its business strategy is simple: “When our people grow, NeXarise grows.”

Heading 2: Nexarise – Emerging Innovators of the Twenty-First Century.


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