The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

Omnilife, A Direct Sales Organization, With More Than Six Million Affiliates Worldwide

Omnilife celebrated its 30th anniversary with an event that featured hand Amaury and Kenya Vergara, three new products, a drink, and two beauty lines.

New products

Kenya Vergara, the beauty line’s general director, introduced six items divided into two lines derived from natural ingredients: red fruits and vanilla coconut during her presentation.

“This line gives the skin a unique sheen, it’s fantastic, it’s been tested by Brazilians, by me, and it’s now accessible.”

While Amaury presented IQU, a drink he defined as “intelligent with the best grade of nutrients that no other competitor has.”

PQQ, Q10, Vitamin D3, and green coffee extract are included in this energy drink, which is flavored with ginger and tangerine.

More than 6 million affiliates

The company has more than six million affiliates scattered throughout the 20 nations where they have a presence, among entrepreneurs and their families, who use the products, according to one of the most noteworthy pieces of information shared. Amaury took notice. He claims that Mexico has a force of over 500 thousand entrepreneurs.

Omnilife grew despite the economic catastrophe caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, according to Amaury.

“It will change how you feel, and it will reflect who we are, our success, what we project, and our lifestyle, and we will put it in a container: a perfume for women and a perfume for men.”

Seytú changes the image and the life
Kenya, the CEO of Seyt, urged employees who work for the cosmetics company to not only sell but also utilize the items. They are people from various towns and nations who are dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives.

Jorge Vergara Museum
The museum honoring industrialist and Omnilife creator Jorge Vergara, which was announced last year, has already set a date for its opening: November 15, 2022, three years after his death, according to his son Amaury.

He stated that the Vergara Zatarain family will fund 60% of the museum’s development, but that they will seek contributions from affiliates, whom they refer to as entrepreneurs, for the remaining 60%, which is equivalent to 12 million pesos, to be a part of the museum.

Improved distribution in Honduras

Amaury reminded the Hondurans in attendance that distribution would be brought closer to the city of Chinandega, which is closest to them. They currently have to drive 160 kilometers to the Nicaraguan border to get the products.

He claims that this will be the first step toward establishing a plant in Honduras.

“We are not only dedicated, but we also live the family values. We know that if we create abundance for you, we will create abundance for ourselves. Huge changes don’t happen because of big things; they happen because of minor details.”


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