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The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

Qnet Supports Communities In Over 30 Countries

Important festivals and special days that normally put families and friends together have looked very different for most people around the world this year. Many areas of the planet are now suffering from the effects of Covid-19, with some seeing a second or third outbreak, and quarantines are still to keep the virus from spreading. The holy month of Ramadan begins this month, and millions of Muslims around the world will observe it with fasting, meditation, charity, and fellowship.

QNET, an e-commerce-powered direct marketing platform of clients and distributors in several countries that observe Ramadan, is commemorating the month of Ramadan by partnering with its staff, distributors, and local humanitarian organizations in more than 30 countries to assist the vulnerable and underserved populations that bear the brunt of lockdowns.

“Poverty increases the risk of infection and lets people bear the brunt of the economic consequences. \For those people who live in cramped villages near one another, social distancing is a luxury.
Many people have lost income and are living in fear. We decided to do our part and add some fun and cheer to those who needed it the most during this time of the year,” said Malou Caluza, Chief Executive Officer of QNET.

Throughout this month, QNET coordinates the distribution of meal kits, cleaning supplies, groceries, and other household essentials to underserved families and organizations in the Middle East, North, and Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Asia Pacific region. Kazakhstan, Turkey, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries.

Acting with Algeria’s largest charitable organization, Ness El Khir, to deliver food boxes and assorted household goods to those in need was one of the highlights of QNET’s global Ramadhan campaign this year.
This follows QNET’s previous year’s collaboration with Ness El Khir. QNET helped fund the Coffate El Khir campaign, which aimed to raise the spirits of impoverished families in Algier and neighboring provinces. Seeing Coffate El Khir’s effect and how it helped many poor families, particularly during Ramadhan, inspired QNET employees and distributors to team up with Ness El Khir once more to put a smile on their faces.

QNET donated supplies and food packs to a refugee camp in Bamako, Mali, that houses about 2,500 refugees who fled a devastating fire earlier this year. This donation came as a welcome relief to the victims, who were mostly families living in deep poverty due to the disaster’s destruction of their homes and land.
QNET employees and distributors packaged and distributed hundreds of food packs to underprivileged households, orphanages, and social centers throughout major cities in Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Azerbaijan to ensure they had a safe, hearty meal while breaking fast.

QNET has reached out to an orphanage in Tatarstan, Russia, and assisted in the reconstruction of the facility and contributing food to the children and workers. QNET distributors went beyond and beyond by purchasing new clothing and accessories for the children to celebrate Ramadhan.

QNET has donated cleaning equipment and an air purifier and host a cultural event in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, where QNET distributors and local artists assisted in painting the walls of a children’s boarding school. The vibrant murals enlivened the school grounds and provided an enjoyable activity for both adults and children.

The baskets included a variety of important food items, such as long-lasting dry goods. AMD is a non-profit organization established in 1993 and is a member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council’s advisory committee.

“We began this annual Ramadhan campaign as a commitment to be the change we wish to see in the world. In the upcoming years, we want to broaden our scope, double our efforts, and give back to more societies.
We have faith that by being faithful to the spirit of RYTHM and continuing to give back to those in need, we will be able to leave a permanent, constructive impression on many people”, Caluza continues.
QNET’s RYTHM philosophy, which stands for “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind,” is the company’s driving force, to inspire people and communities to uplift themselves and make a difference. Throughout the last decade, QNET has partnered with various outreach initiatives and organizations to assist the neediest, such as during the global lockdown last year, where QNET reached out to some displaced countries to support and carry out recovery efforts to help them cope. During the global lockdown last year, QNET collaborated with a series of outreach programs and organizations to give aid to the most vulnerable. It reached out to some refugee countries to support and carry out relief activities to help them cope.

QNET is an acronym for Quality Network Exchange.

QNET is a leading e-commerce-based direct marketing company in Asia, offering a wide variety of fitness, wellbeing, and lifestyle items that help people live healthier lives. QNET’s grassroots business model, driven by the strength of e-commerce, has aided millions of entrepreneurs in over 100 countries around the world.

QNET is headquartered in Hong Kong and having its branches, corporate offices, agency associations, and franchisees in more than 25 countries worldwide.


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