The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The First Year Of Revenue For NeXarise Was $23 Million

In the middle of the pandemonium, Ahmad Mukhtar, Asad Al, and Liju Thomas, three entrepreneurs and Direct Selling Professionals with the combined industry expertise of over 20 years, established NeXarise.

An innovative direct selling firm that is deliberately built to make history in the future decades by adopting new ideas and approaches in an established industry.

The achievements of NeXarise in their first year are nothing short of amazing. With $23 million in sales under its belt, it launched its own:

• a company that makes mobile phones
• a firm that provides insurance introductions
• A firm that specializes in e-learning
• A firm that provides travel perks
• A business that provides identity theft protection.
• A firm that specializes in digital marketing.

About Ahmad Mukhtar: President & Co-Founder

Ahmed’s capacity to generate tremendous momentum is well-known in the industry. He was able to create a global company with tens of thousands of independent distributors. He has been a genuine catalyst for the rise of direct selling in the UK, and his impact can be seen in the tens of thousands of motivated people that actively follow him on social media.

After realizing that no other company could deliver an opportunity in the way that he had envisioned, Ahmed teamed up with two other friends and business partners to form NeXarise, to become the world’s largest direct selling company, allowing as many people as possible to benefit from residual income.

About Asad Ali: Chairman & Co-Founder

Asad entered the world of direct marketing and immediately saw how powerful it could be in enabling people to make a living beyond their wildest dreams. He set to work, and by combining his natural leadership talents with a strong sense of purpose and work ethics, he shattered all the records, becoming the youngest person to attain the highest position in the shortest amount of time, just two years.

This is when he bravely decided to join forces with the other two founders of NeXarise, with the unwavering goal of making history in the business.

About Liju Thomas: CEO & Co-Founder

He was introduced to the direct sales business in 2012. He was immediately enamored with the profession because of its well-established potential to not only provide financial independence but also to have a worldwide effect. When he realized he had finally discovered his calling, he made the courageous choice to leave his previous job and companies behind and devote his entire time to become a direct selling professional.

With a strong work ethic, he rapidly learned all of the essential abilities and ascended to one of the company’s highest positions in record time.

About NeXarise

NeXarise’s purpose is to give a global chance for individuals to experience the benefits of residual income. It was formed in the United Kingdom in 2020 by Direct Selling Professionals Ahmad Mukhtar, Asad Al, and Liju Thomas.


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