The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

The Way To Connect With Direct Selling Industry

VR Tron500 Review: Tron Smart-Contract Ponzi With A 200 Percent Roi

VR Tron500 gives no data on its site about who possesses or runs the organization.

VR Tron500’s site space (“”) was secretly enlisted on April first, 2021.

I couldn’t recognize this individual (language-boundaries), however, he has all the earmarks of being based out of India.

This is upheld by most of VR Tron500 showcasing being pitched at Indians.

VR Tron500 showcasing material likewise references “sarees” (ex. right).

Sarees are ladies’ clothing commonly connected with the Indian subcontinent.

At last, we have Alexa traffic gauges, which stake guests to VR Tron’s site coming from India (66%) and Iran (35%).

As usual, if an MLM organization isn’t transparently forthright about who is running or claims it, take some real time to contemplate joining or potentially giving over any cash.

VR Tron500’s Products

VR Tron500 has no retailable items or administrations, with partners simply ready to advertise VR Tron500 associate participation itself.

VR Tron500’s Compensation Plan

VR Tron500 members contribute Tron on the guarantee of a promoted 200% return on initial capital investment.

VR Tron500 solicits investment across ten tiers:
1. Economy – 200 TRX
2. Smart – 500 TRX
3. Deluxe – 1000 TRX
4. Ultimate – 2000 TRX
5. (no name) – 5000 TRX
6. (no name) – 10,000 TRX
7. (no name) – 25,000 TRX
8. (no name) – 50,000 TRX
9. (no name) – 100,000 TRX
10. (no name) – 200,000 TRX

Referral Commissions
On Tron invested by individually recruited affiliates, VR Tron500 pays a 10% commission.

Residual Commissions

VR Tron500 pays lingering commissions using a twofold pay structure.

A paired pay structure puts a subsidiary at the highest point of a twofold group, split into different sides (left and right):

The main level of the paired group houses two positions. The second level of the double group is created by dividing these initial two situations into another two positions Every (4 positions).

Ensuring levels of the double group are produced as needed, with each new level lodging twice however many situations as the past level.

Positions in the paired group are filled using immediate and aberrant enlistment of members. Note there is no restriction to how profound a parallel group can develop.

Toward the finish of every day, VR Tron500 counts up a new venture on the two sides of the double group.

Members are paid a 5% lingering commission on Tron contributed in their more vulnerable twofold group side.

Once paid out, Tron is coordinated against the more grounded paired group side and flushed.

The extra volume in the more grounded twofold group side persists.

Note that VR Tron500 covers lingering commissions at 100,000 TRX a day.


In actuality, VR Tron500 is a basic 200% return on initial capital investment crypto Ponzi plot.

With nothing advertised or offered to retail clients, the MLM side of VR Tron500 is a fraudulent business model.

You contribute, individuals take your cash, and afterward, you appropriately take cash from individuals who put resources into VR Tron500 after you.

This is followed through what gives off an impression of being a savvy contract script.

200/400 days is a lot of time for assets to run dry when withdrawal demands are at the end placed in.

On the other hand, if the content is paying out day by day, the second payouts surpass new speculation it’ll be finished.

The math behind Ponzi plans ensures that most members lose cash.


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